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The 2014 newsletter is now posted and downloadable on Newsletters page.

The next COFA annual flute festival will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Further information will be coming soon.
As for now, the 2015 COFA competition form is up on the Competition page. You can download the form from the link.

A special thanks to Demarre McGill and Dianne Frazer for their artistry and collaboration with our performers and attendees.

Another huge thank you to all the presenters, exhibitors, and judges who were involved in this year's event.

Announcing the winners of the 2014 COFA Competitions:

Junior Division

1st Place:Rebecca Scimio

2nd Place:Peyton Marion

3rd Place:Isabel Schutte

Senior Division

1st Place:Xiaofan Lui

2nd Place:Eva Skanse

3rd Place:Lukas Mcilhaney

Collegiate Division

1st Place:Kim Lewis

2nd Place:Emily Duncan

3rd Place:Ann Green

Young Artist Division

1st Place:Amanda Dame

2nd Place:Munjung Kwag

3rd Place:Hannah Lim

Please continue checking back here at cofa.osu.edu to stay informed about future events and guest artists. We will be updating all subsequent pages as our organization begins planning future events. Thank you once again for your continued interest and support!


For more information contact Katherine Borst Jones at jones.6@osu.edu

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